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Monday, November 27, 2006

Web development Guide for web development customers has recently published version 1.1 of their guide to web development for web development customers. The guide serves to walk a first time website owner through the process of web design, development and deployment.

If you are currently looking to have a website developed, or you work with customers thorughout the web development life cycle, you should check out this guide. It is full of tips, resources, and advice on the different aspects of website development from plannning the site, the navigation structure and layout, to after thoughts like setting ideal expectations for ongoing web site maintence and updates.

In the guide you will also find several links to useful resources dealing with the marketing and promotion of the website, and other like minded topics. You can check out the web development guide for customers by clicking here

Alternately you can choose to go to individual subjecct in the guide by choosing from the list below:

Table of contents


  1. Planning the site
  2. Defining the purpose of a web site
  3. Defining your target audience
  4. Choosing the best layout
  5. Designing web site navigation

Phase 2

  1. Development and deployment
  2. Defining a web development budget
  3. Planning your internet marketing
  4. Ongoing updates and maintenance
  5. Developing a fully integrated solution


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