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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Parsing Html From A Web Page With Javascript Drag and Drop.

This subject originally began as a discussion on where our web developer Alexander Higgins frequently visits to answer quuestion on the to answer questions regarding web development. In this Online Group for .NET Professionals, Programmers, Developers, Students members ask any questions, problems, issues regarding VB.NET, C# .NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, XML, XML Web Services, .NET Remoting, Crystal Reports .NET, Visual Studio .NET and more.

The Topic

The discussion started when Alexey posted the question (How do i) select a part of html page in IExplorer and get html code for this part. (Is it) possible to select a part of html page in IExplorer and get html code of this part? I'm using VS 2005 C#. Thanks a lot!

Alexander posted the folowing response:

There are several ways to do this, can you be more specific as to how
exactly you plan on accessing IExplorer ??
For example .. From the Code behind of your application or from the
client side. Give me more details on your specific scenario

Alexy responsded:

Of course, Alex!
By drag&drop option into my application i want to get a string
contaning a html code of selected part of web-page and a full URL
address of this web-page.
Thanks a lot!
This subject seems to be a common issue among developers of all languages and yet the answer has been sought there seems yet to be a solution. So Alexander Higgins set about discovering a way to address this Issue.
The Solution:
The solution for this issue involves using some creative javascript, overriding default browser events and the insertion of Dynamic Iframes with your common textbox. Lets take a walk through it.
Code for our web page:
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NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

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Blogger alexhiggins732 said...

Glad I could help.

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